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"Kevin was able to provide us with a detailed design review
identifying the core issues of our project as well as their
potential solutions. This kind of in-depth playtesting
feedback proved to be massively helpful in setting priorities
for the final stages of the development, and we'd happily
use Kevin's services again for future projects."

Tom Grochowiak
MoaCube (Soltice, Cinders)
Game Design review service for Indie Devs
I offer an in-depth review service of your games at any point during development, whether you need external insights during prototyping, alpha, beta or final balancing stages (better get to me BEFORE it's too late to make any major change to the game though, or you might hate me).

My personal approach to game design is to strengthen bonds between every aspect of a project. Each mechanic, aesthetic choice, resource can become more meaningful when tightly woven into the game's world.
What you can expect



A fresh perspective on your project

First impressions, in-depth analysis of game systems, issues and solutions, all wrapped in a practical word document.

A service adapted to your needs. I've been through many projects big and small. I know what WIP means.

A professional attitude and reasonable fees!